Kootenay 15Z Progress 43C

Stella 430's  2015 15Z Bull Calf

North-Bluff 8X Stella 430A We bought this Duramax as a bred heifer from our partner Vic Redekop, she has been a standout from birth. North Bluff has a number of females from this family in their herd all of them are outstanding producers. Her 15Z bull calf is what the business is all about born easy with a light birth weight and started growing as soon as he started nursing.

Kootenay 15Z Progress 52C

Pearl 25A's 2015 15Z Bull Calf

Kootenay 8X Forever 30A It sure pays off to pay attention to the female side of your herd bulls pedigree. 30A is a second generation homebred female her sire Duramax has produced some really good females, and on the cow side she traces back to the Remitall Marvel 125E daughter we bought out of the Remitall dispersal. We can see why Brian Latimer has built his new herd around these genetics.

A daughter of the Remitall Marvel Eudora 125E cow we bought out of the Remitall dispersal. All of her calves have had light birth weights and have been born unassisted. Her bull calves have sold to commercial ranches and we have a two year old daughter who is doing an awesome job. If you are looking for a heifer bull that will sire some pretty good replacements be sure to check out her 15Z bull calf. 

Whitney is pictured with her 2014 Duramax heifer calf at side. Another one of the wonderful cows that came from Dennis and Darlene Burrows, she was shown at the 2009 Bonanaza at her mother’s side when her mother was Champion Female. We have just calved out her 2 year old Traveler daughter and is she good. Her 2014 Duramax is in the replacement pen, and this year has another heifer at side by 15Z. Her Grandmother is the old Remitall 166P cow pictured above. There is a reason the progeny from the Marvel family are topping sales… they are just flat out good!

Willow 3W was part of the group of the cows we purchased from the Burrows. This cow can flat out produce. We have one daughter in production 1Y pictured above and her Duramax daughter from 2014. Her 15Z daughter will be consigned to the 2015 Pacific Invitational All Breed Female Sale in September watch for details on our sale cattle page.​

When we bought Burrows herd 1Y was one of the bred heifers in the group. We lost her first calf which was a shame. Look at her pedigree it is full of Remitall’s top cow families. Her 2014 Empire son is working in the purebred herd of Cody and ASHLEY Pugh, and this years 15Z son is going to turn some heads as he is really good better line up now as he is going to be popular once he gets out.

Kootenay 8X Bonnie 53C

Square D Bonnie's 2015 Duramax Heifer Calf

Kootenay 8X Forever Marvel 66B

Remitall Marvel 166P's 2014 Duramax Heifer Calf

166P was part of the group of cows we bought from Burrows. Her daughter was the 2009 Bonanza Champion Female. We no longer have 166P but her influence will live on through her Duramax daughter in our replacement pen, her grand daughter and two great grand daughters.

Remitall Marvel 170U our selection from the Remital dispersal, she has produced her heart out for us. We have a daughter in our herd and her sons have been the first to be selected out of the bull pen.
This cow has never disappointed us she has another herd sire prospect and once he stands still we will get a picture for you.

​​​Kootenay Polled Herefords

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Kootenay 15Z Marvelous 30C

Marvel 30X's 2015 Beef 15Z Bull Calf

Kootenay 15Z Willow 3C

Sharden Willow 3W's 2015 Beef 15Z Heifer Calf

Square- Rita 603X pictured with her 2015 15Z heifer calf. We bought 603X out of the Square-D production sale where she was the high selling heifer calf, her mother has produced three high sellers in their sale and a son is a herd sire for Coppertone Farms. Her 15Z heifer calf is patterned just like mom, long and thick.

Kootenay 15Z Beefman 10C

Sharden Yolanda 1Y's 2015 Beef 15Z  Bull Calf

We bought Bonnie as a calf for the production and udder quality of her family. She is a maternal sister to Elm Lodges herd sire Tortuga. 953X has turned into one powerful cow. We will flush 953 next spring as this cow can produce she has a bull working at Five Star Herefords, Cody and Ashley Pugh, her last year’s heifer was the high selling female in the Pacific Invitational All Breed Female Sale, selling to Ringdal Farms, and this years Duramax calf is going to be good. We are hoping she has a bull calf next year that we will use for a herd bull.

Kootenay 69T Pearl 25A pictured just after she had calved last winter. We bought her in dam when we bought the Burrows herd. She really has matured nicely in to a beautiful two year old. Nice udder with small teats, and is doing a good job raising her 15Z bull calf.

​If you like them short marked and pigmented then your going to want to take a closer look at 52C. He is just more than good looks, he was born easy with a 87 lb birth weight and his 2 year old mother is doing a great job raising him. This herd sire prospect is backed by a long line of females with nice udders and exceptional production records.

Kootenay 15Z Daydreamer 17C

Forever 30A's 2015 15Z Heifer Calf